The founder of this ministry is Pastor Bob Adams.  He pastors Radiant                
                                             Fellowship, in Waupaca, WI.  It is the desire of his heart to show people the      
                                             love of Christ where they are at, in a non-threatening/loving way through real
                                             life conversation.  Pastor Bob is also the founder of "That's Not My God", an
                                             ongoing discussion via Facebook, blogging and podcasts.  He has currently
                                             been the lead pastor of Radiant Fellowship for 5 years and has also served 9
                                             years as a youth pastor.

                                             Pastor Bob never does Church at the Pub alone for accountability purposes.  
                                             He understands this ministry is not for everyone, but there is a remnant of
                                             people from Radiant Fellowship who attend as well to be friends to those
                                             Jesus would be friends to.


We Need Your Support
The purpose for asking for support with a ministry like this is that we want to meet people’s physical
needs as well as spiritual needs.  It is true that many who come to a pub are in fact doing fine and are
there to just enjoy a drink.  However, there are people who do show up who have hit rock bottom in life
and are looking for help to get by in life.  Imagine someone coming into a pub, engaging in conversation
and than being blessed with a grocery store or gas gift card and a bible to get them on their feet again.  
We can make judgment calls on why they should not spend their money on alcohol; the fact is that this
one simple gift could be the turning point in their lives.  A random gift card or pizza and soda at the pub
for free from a stranger that just wants to show the love of Christ might be the catalyst to change
someone’s life.  Would you consider supporting this cause with prayer or finances?  You can click on the
paypal button found on the home page.