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This ministry is designed to take church outside of the church.  
When you walk into a pub, tavern, bar, etc. it does not take long to
notice there are some cheerful people and some depressed
people. Church at the Pub is not designed to come in and make a
judgment call on these lives and convert them on the spot. If
someone needs Christ...we will pray and entrust them to
God for salvation.

The simple goal of Church at the Pub is to engage people in
conversation on their turf and to be an ear to bend when they
want to chat.  It is also our desire to be a friend to the pub patrons
and owners to let them know there is a group that cares and
genuinely wants to be there for them and possibly meet their
needs should they have any.

Where do we meet?  At the local pub.  It is not some cute
decorating we do at a church to make it look like a pub and hope
people come in.  We literally go as a group and be a friend while
sitting at the bar engaging in conversation about everything from
religion to the latest baseball score.

This ministry is located in Waupaca, WI.  The pub.....it is
where Jesus hangs out!
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Our next meeting
with be Sunday,
23rd 8:00 p.m.